Carrbridge Carriage Driving

Romantic, Magical, - a step back in time!

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On-line Carriage Driving Course

In this difficult time we find ourselves in with Corona Virus, you might feel that you still don't want to go out and about, mixing with other people.

So what do you do?

Why not learn the theory and practical things to consider behind the art of carriage driving! 

Carriage driving is a dying skill, especially Coachman style, (holding the reins in the left hand, with the right hand assisting at all times), rather than the more modern method of a rein in each hand, as you would when riding a horse.  Now don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for driving with a rein in each hand, but if you can master the art of Coachman, then you will never look back.

Other things we will look at on this course are:-

*  How to build a rein handling machine, or Dobbin as I call mine.

*  How to put the harness on, discussing its fit, leather v synthetic and how to care for it, choosing a bit, blinkers v open bridles. .

*  Carriages, modern v traditional, 2-wheeler v 4-wheeler, will your vehicle of choice fit your horse/pony, fixed v independent shafts.

*  The principals of putting to and taking your horse/pony out of the carriage.  Focusing on the correct, safe, tried and trusted method and why it is done          the way it is.

*  What to wear when carriage driving.

*  Basic theory of carriage driving - Voice commands, holding the whip and when to put it to use, asking for transitions, rein-back.

*  The correct method of mounting and dismounting a carriage.

*  Hazard observation - very important that you can spot potential dangers when you are out driving.

Driving on the road - The Highway Code and Horse Drawn Vehicles, position on the road. 

You do not have to have your own turnout, or even have a horse for that matter!  Sessions will be conducted in a number of ways, including watching demonstration videos that we will then discuss,  written tasks and tasks for you to practice and research at home.  Or if you do have your own horse/pony, you can put some of what you learn into practice, and send me video's to discuss your progress.

At the end of this on-line course you will have a good knowledge of the principals and theory of Carriage Driving and will receive a certificate of participation.  

This is not a substitute for finding yourself a good, experienced, qualified and fully insured carriage driving coach to help put all your new found knowledge into practice, and is in no way affiliated to the BDS Assessments.

If you are interested in signing up for this on-line course, please contact me below for further details.