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Carriage Driving Lessons

Introduction to Carriage Driving Lessons

*Covid 19 Update

Due to the continued risk from Covid 19, I have put in place further measures to ensure the safety of not only my self, but you, my valued clients.

Lessons are now up and running again, but please ensure you read and follow the instructions below.

*  Bring your own riding/bicycle helmet

*  Ensure you bring a pair of  riding gloves or pimple palm gloves and a high-viz vest

*  Bring your own hand sanitising gel/liquid/wipes

*  All will have their temperatures checked on arrival

*  Anyone with a temperature above 37.8 C will not be permitted to take part in the lesson 

* Anyone showing signs of Corona-virus will not be permitted on the course, and will be asked to return at a later date.

*  I ask that anyone testing positive for Corona-virus in the days immediately following the  course to contact me, to ensure I can help with any contact tracing.

*  Face shields that fit over your riding/bicycle helmet will be provided, but you must bring your own face mask.

Lessons are available on a one to one basis by one hour, half day (3 hours), or by arrangement to suit your needs.  Please note that lessons are carried out in our 4 wheeled exercise vehicle, which seats 2 people comfortably, but there is room on the back for a "back-stepper".
Our Introduction Session is good for those new to the joys of carriage driving.   

In this session we will discuss all aspects of safety, including horse and vehicle suitability, mounting and dismounting the vehicle and practice rein handling "Coachman Style," on our simulator.  We will also cover how to prepare the horse for driving, harness up and put to the vehicle.

All lessons will be done with two sets of reins, like having duel controls on a learner car.  Once we have "put to", we will set off and practice the three "S's", Starting, Stopping and Steering. When you feel comfortable at walk we will progress into trot.  

The remainder of the session will be dedicated to safely unhitching and unharnessing the horse and taking care of the horse and equipment after the drive.

Our Introduction Session lasts for approximately 1 and a half hours. 

Hour Lessons
Once you have had a taste of driving in our Introduction Session, you will be sure to want to book some more lessons.  These are available in hourly sessions or you can buy a book of 5 lessons for the price of 4.

In the Half-day lesson, you will learn how to put together a set of harness, learn the names of the individual pieces of the harness and their purpose and how to care for different types of harness. We will also discuss how to fit a set of harness to a horse so that it is comfortable and will not hinder the horse or make it sore. 

Once we have "put to" we will set off for a drive, again with duel controls, and continue as the one hour lesson but with more driving practice time.  


Introductory Session (1 hr 30 mins) .................................£65 per person

One hour lessons ...........................................................£45 per person

Half day lesson (4 hours).................................................£110 per person

Book of 5 - 1 hour lessons at Carrbridge (buy 4 - get 1 free)...............£180 per person
N.B. Lessons outwith Carrbridge will be subject to a travel fee at £0.50 per mile.

Tailored Driving Holiday Package .................................. P.O.A.

Vouchers are available for all our lessons and are valid for 6 months.

(Prices correct as of 1st July 2019)
What to wear

It is tradition to always wear a hat when out driving.  These days it is safer to wear a hard hat to the current BHS standard.  Please bring one with you.

Please wear suitable out-door clothing, and as this is Scotland, best to be prepared and bring waterproofs, there is space on the carriage to store additional clothing.

Footwear should be stout shoes, boots or trainers that have a flat sole with good grip - riding boots are not suitable as they are too smooth on the sole.

As with riding, it is advisable to wear gloves. Riding gloves or cotton ones with rubber pimples on the palms are best.

Please note that when driving in fields and along track, these may be bumpy, so may not be suitable for people with back issues.  If you suffer from any health issues, please advise us when you make the booking.

To Book 

Call: 07533 753 414
or use the form on our "Contacts Page"