Carrbridge Carriage Driving

Romantic, Magical, - a step back in time!

Carrbridge Carriage Driving are pleased to announce that as of 13th June, we are OPEN!!!

After completing a Risk Assessment regarding Covid-19 risks, checking with my insurance company and Horse Scotland's Phase 1 Equestrian Guidelines - Guidance for Riders/ Carriage Drivers, dated 28th May, I have put in place the following safety practices:-

* installation of a partition in our Access for All Carriage between the passenger area and the area where myself and my groom sit.

* hand washing/sanitising area for clients use, both before and after carriage rides

* contact-less payments should be made at time of booking, either by BACS or Pay Pal

* a strict 2 m social distancing rule is implemented at all times, and should be strictly adhered to!

* carriage rides must be pre-booked and you must live locally.

* maximum number of passengers, from one household - 6

The carriage is also deep cleaned, before and after each carriage ride.

Holly, Lola, Jackie and I look forward to welcoming you to enjoy a carriage ride with us.

A welcome escape from #lockdown.

Update - 24th June 2020

As of the 3rd July it looks like I’ll be able to provide fun family carriage rides for people outside the immediate local area.

Also as of 15th July, I hope to be able to start organising dates for those of you who have had courses/lessons booked and had them postponed. Please get in touch to arrange a date out-with the week of 19th - 25th July.